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Digital Zine Bundle 2

Digital Zine Bundle 2

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This bundle is digital and includes the first of four zines called The Sunny Side of Sewing. The following three zines will come available as they are made in the coming months. 

The Sunny Side of Sewing is a must-have for anyone looking to kickstart their sewing journey. Filled with adorable egg-themed designs, puns, and inspiring content, this sewing zine is sure to motivate you to pick up a needle and thread. This zine has writings on Inspiration and Motivation, as well as lists on fashion dreams and Garbie's favorite sewing gadgets.


  • Unique Egg-themed Designs and Puns
  • List of Garbie's Favorite Sewing Gadgets
  • Inspiring Content about Inspiration and Motivation
  • Perfect for Beginners


This zine is carefully crafted by Garbie.

  • Quantity Per Pack: 1
  • Printed in Color on Textured Natural White Paper.
  • Publisher: Garbie
  • Edition Type: Regular Edition
  • Language: English


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