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The Sunny Side of Sewing | Garbie Zine

The Sunny Side of Sewing | Garbie Zine

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The Sunny Side of Sewing is a must-have for anyone looking to kickstart their sewing journey. Filled with adorable egg-themed designs, puns, and inspiring content, this sewing zine is sure to motivate you to pick up a needle and thread. This zine has writings on Inspiration and Motivation, as well as lists on fashion dreams and Garbie's favorite sewing gadgets.


  • Unique Egg-themed Designs and Puns
  • List of Garbie's Favorite Sewing Gadgets
  • Inspiring Content about Inspiration and Motivation
  • Perfect for Beginners


This zine is carefully crafted by Garbie.

  • Quantity Per Pack: 1
  • Printed in Color on Textured Natural White Paper.
  • Publisher: Garbie
  • Edition Type: Regular Edition
  • Language: English


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